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Talk and Collectivity in Favelas to Change Academic Research

Last saturday, I participated in a meeting entitled “To whom and what for are academic research conducted in favelas?” (page in Portuguese) The event happened at a public school in Manguinhos, a favela located at the low-income North Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

After having inspiring talks, I returned home with a sense of relief, satisfaction and renewed strength to keep struggling for the construction of a more inclusive academic environment and for a more diverse and more participatory social science research.


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Favela Media Activism and Its Legacy for Civic Engagement in the Olympic City of Rio de Janeiro

Favela residents, especially youth, have used online and offline media against human rights violations for a while now in Rio. Media technologies and journalism techniques have been increasingly important components of the struggles of low-income, peripheral populations.

In this article, Dr. Leonardo Custódio shares results of his doctoral research on the growth in political organizing thanks to favela media activists since Rio was announced host to the 2016 Olympic Games.

Text originally posted on Rio on Watch. See here.

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Citizen’s Video Indicates Police Misconduct after Child’s Death in Metropolitan Rio

A mobile phone video contradicts police statement and serves as evidence in the case of (another) stray bullet killing a child in the State of Rio de Janeiro. The crime happened last Saturday, April 2, in Magé, a city in Rio’s Metropolitan Area.

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Book Review: “Methodological Practices in Social Movement Research” edited by Donatella della Porta

Review originally posted at the LSE Review of Books (December, 2014)

This collection aims to offer a practical, how-to approach to researching social movement studies, with each author writing on a method they have used extensively in their own work. Leonardo Custódio is impressed by the book’s invitation to researchers to reflect about different approaches to studying mass demonstrations, protests, and other forms of collective action for socioeconomic and political change.

Methodological Practices in Social Movement Research. Edited by Donatella della Porta. Oxford University Press. 2014.

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