Brazilian Everyday-Life Stories (2014)

Esta é uma série de posts sobre coisas do cotidiano daqui de Magé (ou mesmo Rio) que são normais, mas muito diferentes sob um olhar de quem mora na Finlândia. Está em inglês. Talvez um dia eu traduza.

During the times I spend doing fieldwork in Rio, I have written side stories about everyday life peculiarities. My idea is to reflect on “normal things” that happen in the Brazil I used to live in.

Now I just arrived to Rio for the last fieldwork trip. So I decided to continue writing these notes. I have take these notes in 2012 and 2013 (they are here if you want to read them). This year’s notes are below.

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Brazilian Everyday-Life Stories (2012-2013)

Part of my research is to do fieldwork in Rio. That means I visit places, talk to people and try to understand why media activists and community journalists in Rio do what they do.

In 2012 and 2013, I decided to update my Facebook status every now and then with short stories (like textual snapshots) showing a bit of the everyday life of the Brazil (I mean Rio) I saw in the process.

This (long) post is a collection of those everyday-life stories. They represent my first writings after I realized I was a local outsider. As I realized many things I had considered normal were highly complex, I started writing about them. Now, I post them publicly.

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