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In my hometown Magé, fear is the spirit of the World Cup

Em português aqui.

The spirit of the World Cup hit me two days ago in messages and phone calls while I was on a bus trip back to my parents’ place. Friends and relatives desperately asked about my whereabouts. Then they told me to watch out: things were wild in Magé (my hometown) with deadly armed conflicts. Have you ever heard about the “pacification” process to increase security in Rio before the World Cup and Olympics? Well, the “pacification” in the city of Rio has increasingly meant the end of peace for us in Magé.

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The challenge of mobilizing workers and the poor continues

Last year, I wrote that it is a challenge to mobilize low-income workers and the poor in Brazil.

A week ago (May 15), Brazil saw some protests against the World Cup (you can read about it in The Guardian and BBC, for example).

I went to the one in Rio. The impression I had is that the challenge to mobilize more workers remains. And it is a difficult one.

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The civic legacy of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

(Originally written in April 17, 2013)

Rio’s preparations for the 2016 Olympics have been marked by human rights violations. Unfortunately, the sacrifice of the poorer for the progress of a city historically ruled by the rich is not new. But now, organized citizens have increasingly reacted. The Olympics have created a promising set of civil society alliances that may be re-shaping citizens’ involvement in Rio’s local politics.

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