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Citizen’s Video Indicates Police Misconduct after Child’s Death in Metropolitan Rio

A mobile phone video contradicts police statement and serves as evidence in the case of (another) stray bullet killing a child in the State of Rio de Janeiro. The crime happened last Saturday, April 2, in Magé, a city in Rio’s Metropolitan Area.

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“Another One”: Counting Murders on the Outskirts of the Marvelous City

(Blog post originally published on 22/07/2014 on the website Rio on Watch)

While the Brazilian national team suffered the worst defeat of all time, Magé—my hometown, located in the greater metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro—grieved yet another murder. The sadness and outrage experienced while counting Germany’s goals are metaphors of a much greater tragedy: the apparent ineffectiveness of state public security policies on the outskirts of the state capital.

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In my hometown Magé, fear is the spirit of the World Cup

Em português aqui.

The spirit of the World Cup hit me two days ago in messages and phone calls while I was on a bus trip back to my parents’ place. Friends and relatives desperately asked about my whereabouts. Then they told me to watch out: things were wild in Magé (my hometown) with deadly armed conflicts. Have you ever heard about the “pacification” process to increase security in Rio before the World Cup and Olympics? Well, the “pacification” in the city of Rio has increasingly meant the end of peace for us in Magé.

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